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VX-31 Operations Duty Officer (ODO, During Flight Operations Only)



VX-31 Squadron Duty Officer (SDO, 24/7)



Armed Forces Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC)




Alert Times

Normal Workdays
30 minutes
Normal Workdays
1 hour
Weekends and Holidays
2 hours

About Us

The primary mission of the VX-31 Search and Rescue (SAR) Team is to provide SAR and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) response for all agencies who utilize the local flying area and the R-2508 complex.

The team also provides civil SAR/MEDEVAC/BAMBI BUCKET on a not-to-interfere basis with its primary mission. Civilian responses are handled in accordance with proper state and Armed Forces Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) notification.

To request civilian SAR assistance, please contact the VX-31 Operations Duty Officer at 760.939.0690 or the Squadron Duty Officer at 760.382.8938. Official requests MUST also be made to the California Officer of Emergency Services (OES) and AFRCC.

VX-31 maintains MH-60S helicopters and has a fully qualified Night Vision Device (NVD) SAR aircrew that provide 24-hour SAR coverage seven days a week. The typical response aircrew consists of two pilots, a rescue crew chief, a rescue aircrewman and a SAR medical technician.













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