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The VX-31 Safety Department is an integral part of the squadron's day-to-day test and operational activities. The primary mission of the Safety Department is to identify and correct hazards before they lead to mishaps. The department consists of a safety officer, aviation safety officer, ground safety officer, HAZMAT safety officer, safety petty officer, NATOPS officer and NATOPS petty officer, and a contract maintenance workforce of about 300 personnel.

The squadron routinely executes around 4,500 flight hours a year during test and training missions without any major damage mishaps or injuries. This achievement is all the more impressive considering the composite nature of the squadron. VX-31’s flight-line inventory is comparable to that of an aircraft carrier air wing with 40 fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft comprised of different types. The squadron also has an Unmanned Systems Activity, which now operates and tests different unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in compliance with Naval Air System Command's (NAVAIR) rigorous testing methods.

VX-31’s infrastructure consists of 29 buildings covering over 30 acres, with ground safety being a major focus of the command. VX-31 takes ground safety seriously and employs a full time ground safety officer with expertise in OSHA and NAVOSH. As a direct result of ground safety vigilance, VX-31 has received outstanding scores on the annual ground safety and HAZMAT inspections administered by Navy Region Southwest. VX-31 also takes the lead concerning vehicle and motorcycle safety with mentorship programs for new riders ensuring full compliance with the Chief of Naval Operation’s (CNO) recent motorcycle training guidelines.

The VX-31 safety department stresses Operational Risk Management (ORM) as a hazard mitigation tool and ensures that new personnel complete the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) introduction course. This training is reinforced during our monthly mini safety stand-down training sessions, where real world applications are stressed with practical risk mitigation techniques.

Through meticulous coordination, the diverse activities within this organization operate as a cohesive unit that prides itself on the professional and safe execution of the squadron’s missions. One such effort is the use of an electronic "read-and-initial" and test plan distribution squadron web page. This system was recognized by the Navy Safety Center as a core best practice during this year’s Safety Center Survey, wherein VX-31 received an overall rating of “Outstanding.”

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