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Dust Devil Mission

VX-31 Shall:

  • Deliver effective and lethal capabilities to Navy and Marine Corps warfighters through thorough but efficient conduct of Developmental and Integrated Flight Test of aircraft and weapon systems.
  • Preserve and protect life and property by maintaining a constant state of readiness for search, rescue, and incident response in the R-2508 Complex and the surrounding high desert and mountains.
  • Educate and train the next generation of Aviators, Aircrewmen, Sailors, Marines, Maintainers, Engineers, and Support Personnel.

Command Philosophy

  • People - Our people are our most important asset. Without a well-trained and motivated command force, we will not accomplish our mission. Treat each other with dignity and respect. Teamwork and common direction should be the basis for every evolution we undertake. Take time to develop personally and take time with your families.
  • Planes - We are trusted with aircraft that are a fundamental component necessary to develop the capabilities that will be used in the defense of this Nation and the protection of our local community. Be good stewards of them, both in their preparation for flight and execution of mission.
  • Projects – Test like we fight. We must evaluate aircraft and weapons systems as they are intended to be employed. In addition to ensuring individual systems meet specifications, we need to focus on testing systems interoperability in mission relevant environments.


Skipper's Expectations

  • Relationships provide a foundation from which we will be prepared to tackle problems. Work hard to establish cooperative and supportive relationships both within VX-31 and those we work with.
  • Dignity: Treat each other the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Lift each other up. Communicate.
  • Open communication in all we do, from long range planning, to flight schedule execution, to aircraft and weapons system test reporting. The only secrets kept at VX-31 are those specific to the capabilities we’re trusted to develop.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to teach. Similarly, never pass up an opportunity to learn.
  • Start with a focus on the basics. Plan with details in mind.
  • We will discover problems. This is the nature of our business. The relationships we build and foster both within VX-31 and those outside will provide the path to a solution. Bring problems forward, but bring your solution as well.
  • Personal Accountability – Set a personal example of integrity, readiness, and accomplishment. Never compromise your core values.
  • Safety is an active component of everything we do. It is not a stand-alone program and stems from the mindset of being professional and deliberate in everything that we do both on and off-duty.
  • Take time to enjoy being a Dust Devil. Our mission is incredibly unique and critically important. Be proud of your contribution to it.

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