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The VX-31 Flight Operations Department publishes a daily flight schedule which meets the squadron's flight test, ground test, training, Search and Rescue (SAR), and logistic flight requirements. The daily flight schedule consists of a variety of day and night events for the testing and evaluation of aircraft systems, weapons and sensors, as well as routine fixed-wing and helicopter training and proficiency events.

The department is responsible for the scheduling of more than 40 pilots/Weapon Systems Officers and 30 aircraft including F-18 A-F, EA-18G, AH-1W, H-1Y/Z upgrade, SH-60F, AV-8B, and T-39.

For each event, the VX-31 Flight Operations Department ensures that all aircrew are properly qualified and current for the assigned mission. The Department is also responsible for managing the squadron's proficiency flight hour account, publishing a squadron training plan, and scheduling aviation-related schools and courses.

Please contact VX-31 Commanding Officer at 760.939.5405 for questions regarding long range scheduling and planning of test assets, detachment requirements or Memorandums of Agreement for sharing aircraft or aircrew between VX-31 and outside agencies, squadrons and/or TYCOMS.

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