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Dust Devil Mission

VX-31 Shall:

  • Plan, execute, analyze, evaluate, and report full spectrum Developmental and Integrated Test of aircraft and weapon systems; and
  • Conduct Inland Search & Rescue operations throughout the R-2508 Complex and the surrounding high desert and mountains.

Through the use of:

  • T(Tools): On time and properly configured aircraft and test equipment;
  • O(ORM): Consistent use of individual and unit level operational risk management;
  • P(People): Proficient and qualified aircrew, test team members, and maintainers;
  • I(Improvement): Commitment to personal and professional improvement; and
  • C(Communication): Open, honest, and frequent communication


VX-31 Command Philosophy

How We Do It:

  • Integrity: Do what is right. Have the courage to stand by our decisions. Ask for help when we need it.
  • Dignity: Treat each other the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Lift each other up. Communicate.
  • Professionalism: Teamwork, it takes us all. Know our job better than anyone else. Know the references and publications. Be on time with your person and product.
  • Excellence: Be better tomorrow than we are today. Mentor and teach. Take advantage of education opportunities. Make every minute of every day matter for you and the team.
  • Balance: A healthy family empowers us. Exercise often; eat and sleep well. Read and have a hobby.

Safety is inherent within this philosophy. If we hold ourselves and our teammates to these five tenets, we will conduct our missions and lives safely. However, each Dust Devil should have the courage to use the Safety NO-Vote and we shall all respect its use.

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