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VX-30 Airborne Threat Simulation

A 2nd class petty officer assigned to the VX-30
Safety Department inspects a fire extinguisher.

Safety/Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS)

The Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ZERO (VX-30) Safety/NATOPS Department is a vital component of the squadron’s dynamic test and operational flight activities. The department has fostered a proactive and adaptive safety process within the squadron, preventing mishaps across all platforms. A consistent dedication to the principles of operational risk management enables VX-30 to safely execute over two thousand flight hours a year.

The Safety/NATOPS Department consists of a Safety/NATOPS Officer, NATOPS Petty Officer, Ground Safety Officer, Aviation Safety Officer, and Safety Petty Officer. The members of the department are highly trained and expertly skilled, setting the standard for the entire squadron.

The Safety/NATOPS Department expanded the standard operating procedures to the Unmanned Aerial Systems Department, thereby ensuring safe flight operations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). With multiple platforms, UAVs, and numerous missions, the Safety/NATOPS Department is constantly adapting to ensure the best safety measures are in place to prevent future mishaps.














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