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The VX-30 Manned Systems Test Department (Projects) supports a diverse mix of Integrated Product Teams and is responsible for testing and evaluating multiple developmental and operational aircraft systems utilized by both the Navy and Marine Corps aviation communities. Platforms supported by VX-30 project officers include the S-3B, FA-18, EA-18G, MV-22, SH-60, UH-1, and C-130. Current projects include the following:

  • Joint Mission Planning System for all Navy and Marine Corps platforms
  • Navy and Marine Corps rotary wing aircraft survivability systems, including the radar warning detector, jamming, and missile warning system
  • Airborne electronic attack for F/A-18F and EA-18G
  • Sonobuoy lot testing for PMA-264
  • NP-3D telemetry system

The VX-30 Projects Department is at the forefront of new and revised aircraft systems that will impact the Fleet in the immediate future.



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