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VX-30 Operations Department


Please contact the VX-30 operations officer at (805) 989-1627 for questions regarding long range scheduling and planning of test assets or detachment requirements.



The Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ZERO (VX-30) Flight Operations Department is responsible for publishing a daily flight schedule that fulfills the squadron’s flight test, ground test, training, and cargo transport requirements. Flight schedule events include a wide range of aircraft systems tests, both airborne and on the ground, weekly cargo transports to San Nicolas Island, support flights for the Sea Test Range, and proficiency flights in all platforms. Additionally, the Operations Department ensures all VX-30 detachments are properly supported through sufficient aircraft and personnel allocation, satisfying a vital component of mission success. The department schedules events for the aircraft that are operated at VX-30, including NP-3D, P-3Cs, and KC-130Ts, with each aircraft providing a specific and unique mission capability. Additionally, the Operations Department schedules events for the unmanned aerial systems tests, which routinely take place at China Lake and Point Mugu. Furthermore, the Operations Department ensures that all flight personnel are properly qualified and current for the mission, aircraft, and flight for which they are scheduled.








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