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VX-30 Airborne Threat Simulation Department

VX-30 Airborne Threat Simulation

A 2nd class petty officer assigned to the Airborne Threat Simulation Department installs a safety-wire onto an electronic warfare radar pod. (U.S, Navy Photo)

Airborne Threat Simulation (ATS)

The ATS Department at Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ZERO (VX-30) provides electronic attack and active emitter systems services, simulating aerial threats. The ATS Department is integral to all west coast carrier and expeditionary strike groups' pre-deployment evaluations and plays a critical role in joint multinational exercises, such as SFARP Multisail, Amphibious Ready Group Comptuex, Valiant Shield, Rim of the Pacific, Forager Fury, Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX), and numerous Fleet and combined training exercises. Completely self-supported, the ATS Department skillfully maintains approximately 48 different electronic warfare pods, ensuring optimum threat simulation for the warfighters in today’s Navy. Members of the ATS Department routinely participate in worldwide detachments and exercises, forward deploying on average over 70 times a year to numerous locations.














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