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AIM-7 Launch from an F-14D

AIM-7 Launch from an F-14D
(U.S. Navy Photo)

VX-30 History

Established as the Naval Weapons Test Squadron Point Mugu on 8 May 1995, the squadron was redesignated Air Test and Evaluation Squadron THREE ZERO (VX-30) in May 2002. Today, VX-30 is the principal naval flight and ground test unit for all Point Mugu Naval Air Systems Command aircraft and aircraft functions, including logistics and training support. The squadron is ideally located near a large sea test range off the southern California coast and only minutes away by aircraft from the extensive Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division overland test range complexes. The VX-30 assets routinely deploy worldwide to meet unique weapons testing needs at remote ranges and to provide Fleet support.



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