Preliminary Design Review

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Purpose: PDR is conducted after preliminary design efforts, but before start of detail design. This review is the first opportunity for the Governemnt to closely observe the Contractor's hardware and software design. The Contractor is expected to describe all design changes made with respect to the original design disclosed in the technical proposal and to provide rationale for the changes. The contractor may also provide a hardware or hands-on demonstration of some of the preliminary designs to better illustrate important aspects.

Description: This review shall be conducted for each configuration item or aggregate of configuration items to (1) evaluate the progress, technical adequacy, and risk resolution (on a technical, cost, and schedule basis) of the selected design approach, (2) determine its compatibility with performance and engineering specialty requirements of the Hardware Configuration Item (HWCI) development specification, (3) evaluate the degree of definition and assess the technical risk associated with the selected manufacturing methods/processes, and (4) establish the existence and compatibility of the physical and functional interfaces among the configuration item and other items of equipment, facilities, computer software, and personnel. For CSCIs, this review will focus on: (1) the evaluation of the progress, consistency, and technical adequacy of the selected top-level design and test approach, (2) compatibility between software requirements and preliminary design, and (3) on the preliminary version of the operation and support documents.

Entry Criteria:

Exit Criteria:

Tools Required: In addition to the published agenda, a checklist of subject areas of concern can be used to evaluate the contractors coverage of the preliminary design.

Last Update: 8 April 2015