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The Evaluation Of Past Performance In Source Selections

In accordance with Class Deviation, DAR Tracking No. 99-O0002 of 29 Jan 99, except as set forth in FAR 15.304(c)(3)(ii), in accordance with FAR 15.304(c)(3)(i), past performance shall be evaluated in all source selections for negotiated competitive acquisitions expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. This class deviation is effective until further notice. IPTs may evaluate past performance in source selections under these thresholds as they see fit. Source selection authorities must be given maximum latitude to focus on those specific areas of contractor performance that will provide the best predictors for successful performance of the instant acquisition.

In accordance with FAR 15.304(c)(3)(iii), past performance need not be evaluated if the contracting officer documents the reason past performance is not an appropriate evaluation factor for the acquisition. In accordance with FAR 15.101-2(b)(1), if the contracting officer documents the file pursuant to FAR 15.304(c)(3)(iv), past performance need not be an evaluation factor in lowest price technically acceptable source selections. If the contracting officer elects to consider past performance as an evaluation factor, it shall be evaluated in accordance with FAR 15.305. However, the comparative assessment in FAR 15.305(a)(2)(i) does not apply. If the source selection team determines that past performance is a discriminator in an lowest price technically acceptable procurement, then the criteria by which past performance will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis must be articulated in the solicitation. If the contracting officer subsequently determines that a small business' past performance is not acceptable, the matter shall be referred to the Small Business Administration for a Certificate of Competency determination, in accordance with the procedures contained in FAR Subpart 19.6 and 15 U.S.C. 637(b)(7).

Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

The Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) is a web-based system used to input data on contractor performance. Once the data is input to the CPARS system, this data is then uploaded to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) database and is made available for use in source selections. These contractor performance assessment reports (CPARS) will be used as an aid in awarding contracts to contractors that consistently provide quality, on-time products and services that conform to contractual requirements. CPARS can be used to effectively communicate contractor strengths and weaknesses to source selection officials. During the source selection process, the offeror should be notified of relevant past performance data derived from their CPARS (via PPIRS) that requires clarification or could lead to a negative rating.

See the following sources for additional CPARS information:

In addition to the availability of past performance information in CPARS, as discussed above, the following documents are available to assist you in establishing Performance Risk Assessment Groups (PRAGs), developing past performance source selection criteria, writing Section L and M solicitation language, obtaining information on a contractor’s past performance, evaluating past performance and discussing past performance:

NOTE: When referring to the above documents, it should be noted that FAC 97-2, the FAR Part 15 Rewrite, effective 10 Oct 97, changed the process for evaluating past performance. When reference is made to neutral ratings and the type of past performance information that should be taken into account when asking for past performance information from offerors, refer to FAR 15.305(a)(2)(i) through (iv).

Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS)

The automated CPARS system is the tool used for the input of contractor past performance reports. However, it is no longer a retrieval system for source selection information. The Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) is the web-enabled, government-wide application that serves as the single source for retrieval of contractor past performance data to the Federal acquisition community for use in making source selection decisions. PPIRS functions as the central warehouse for performance assessment reports received from the automated CPARS system as well as all other Federal Government automated past performance collection systems on current (or completed) contracts. PPIRS provides a query capability for authorized users to retrieve report card (CPARS) information detailing a contractor's past performance.

Government access to PPIRS is restricted to those individuals requiring information for source selections (contracting officials and source selection team members). Contractors may obtain access to only their own data that is stored in PPIRS. Contractor access to PPIRS is gained through the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) process.

Responding To Past Performance Questionnaires Received From Government Activities

From time to time, other Government activities may request NAWCTSD Project Managers, Engineers, Logisticians and Contract Specialists/Contracting Officers to complete past performance questionnaires for previous NAWCTSD contractors as a part of a source selection that they are conducting. If the IPT member knows there is a CPAR(s) available in the PPIRS for the contractor requested, the IPT member should first contact the requesting Government activity and refer them to the PPIRS system. If they are unfamiliar with the system, the IPT member should direct them to the PPIRS Help Desk at 207-438-1690 for access instructions. The IPT member should then advise them that they will still complete the questionnaire after the Government activity has an opportunity to review any pertinent information in the PPIRS system that would answer the information requested in the questionnaire. If no pertinent information is available in the PPIRS system, the IPT member should complete the questionnaire as requested and return to the Government activity.

In the event that a questionnaire is received directly from potential offerors regarding the source selection that they are participating in, contact the Government activity responsible for release of the solicitation and go through the steps outlined above first. If a questionnaire is ultimately completed, ensure the completed questionnaire is sent back to ONLY the Government activity responsible for release of the solicitation.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Questionnaires

Past performance questionnaires should not be confused with questionnaires or surveys requested by contractors concerning the government's satisfaction with the requesting contractor's performance. This also includes past performance questionnaires from contractors regarding the past performance of another contractor. These surveys are governed by NAWCTSD Instruction 4730.1, Survey Instructions.

Last Update: 19 August 2015