DD Form 254
Contract Security Classification Specification

An important responsibility of all DoD employees is to safeguard the release of classified information. DoD publications that relate to the release of classified information are:

The IPT must determine if any classified materials will be provided in the RFP or contract, or if the RFP or contract will require the offeror/contractor to have access to classified information from other agencies, or to develop any classified hardware, software, or material under the contract. Examples include access to information on:

The method used to provide offerors/contractors with security classification guidance is the DD Form 254. Typically the Systems Engineer is responsible for coordination of the DD Form 254 with the NAWCTSD Security Manager. This coordination includes the what, why, when, and where the contractor will need classified information or access to classified information. The Security Manager will determine the contractor(s) level of security clearance for their personnel and there facilities. It could be that the facilities have clearance to hold classified meetings but not to store classified materials. When this coordination is complete, the Security Manager will then prepare the DD Form 254.

During the contract definition phase, a primary concern is whether or not the RFP being developed will require access by the offerors to classified information in order to submit a proposal or to perform the contract. During the acquisition phase, after contract award, the hardware and software and associated training materials must be reviewed for security classification determination. For that purpose, the DD Form 254 should be reviewed and updated annually.

An initial DD Form 254 (marked "For Planning Purposes Only") should be completed early in the package preparation process and updated as information relative to the classified status of hardware/software becomes available. At the earliest possible time the DD Form 254 should be forwarded to the Security Manager for final processing, and proper classification. The Security Manager completes processing of the DD Form 254 and forwards the form the PJM for final signature and inclusion in the package.

Last Update: 11 January 2011