Critical Design Review

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  1. Determine that detail design of the configuration item under review satisfies cost (for cost type contracts), schedule, and performance requirements.
  2. Establish detail design compatibility among the configuration item and other items of equipment, facilities, computer software and personnel.
  3. Assess configuration item risk areas (on a technical, cost, and schedule basis).
  4. For new development hardware configuration items; assess the results of producibility analyses conducted on system hardware.
  5. For new development hardware configuration items; review preliminary hardware product specifications.
  6. For CSCIs, this review will focus on the determination of the acceptability of the detailed design, performance, and test characteristics of the design solution, and on the adequacy of the operation and support documents.

Description: CDR shall be conducted for each configuration item before release of design for manufacturing. For large complex configuration items, the CDR may be a progressive or incremental review, culminating in a system level CDR which essentially reviews the completeness of preceeding CDRs and ensures adequate interfaces between the configuration items.

Entry Criteria:

Exit Criteria:

Outputs and Customers: The completion of CDR usually initiates the start of formal configuration management by the Contractor of the technical baseline. Any changes to that baseline can only be accomplished with the approval of the Government.

Tools Required: In addition to the published agenda, a checklist of subject areas of concern can be used to evaluate the contractors coverage of the detailed design.

Last Update: 6 April 2016