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Weapons Launch Console Team Trainer
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Weapons Launch Console Team Trainer Weapons Launch Console Team Trainer Weapons Launch Console Team Trainer

     The purpose of the Weapons Launch Console Team Trainer (WLCTT) is to provide individual and team training to the SSN688 Class submarine Weapons Launch Team for vertical and horizontal launching of Tomahawk missiles. The trainer utilizes graphical representations of the hardware front panels and valve stations; therefore there is no requirement for the trainee to interact with tactical hardware. Trainer simulated displays of tactical equipment are provided for student interaction via touch screen monitors. Weapon Launch Systems simulated by the WLCTT are the AN/BSY-1, CCS MK1, and CCS MK2 Fire Control systems. The trainer fully supports normal and casualty procedures in accordance with OD44979, including salvo launch of up to all 16 tubes. The WLCTT currently supports the following training courses: 1) Submarine Weapons Delivery Systems, (2) Weapons Team Trainer, 3) VLS Operation and Tube Maintenance, (4) Advanced VLS Operation and Maintenance, (5) Torpedoman Leading Petty Officer, and (6) AN/BSY-1 Weapons Launch Operator.

     The WLCTT trainer is comprised entirely of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf equipment. Major components of the WLCTT are as follows: the Weapons Launch Console, comprised of 24-21 inch monitors and 8 computers, the Fire Control Station comprised of 5-17 inch monitors and 2 computers, the Instructor station comprised of 1 monitor, and the Simulated Equipment Interface, comprised of 2-21 inch monitors and 1 computer. The trainer configuration and operational controls are provided from an Instructor Operator Station. The trainer also simulates screens for the MK-92 Attack Control Console, the MK-408 Status and Firing Panel and Unit 2002 Command Launch Console, MK-130 Common Display Console, and MK-81 Weapon Control Console, as applicable. The WLCTT provides Attack Center personnel with the necessary screens to support horizontal and vertical weapons launching procedures.

Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division

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