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Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM)


     AIM is an automated tool designed to improve and streamline the training development and maintenance process. The Navy uses two different approaches for the development of classroom materials. AIM I supports the Personnel Performance Profile (PPP) approach, while AIM II supports the Task Based approach.

     Collectively, AIM provides an automated database approach to training materials development and maintenance. The relationships among training material elements are captured and stored in the AIM relational database. Development and revision of these materials can be accomplished very efficiently. Additionally, AIM ensures that training materials are developed and revised in accordance with prescribed specifications and guidelines.

     AIM has reduced the number of hours spent for development of new training materials by as much as 25% and for maintenance of existing materials by as much as 50%.

     Interfaces allow AIM to utilize and support data requirements for the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) and Automated Electronic Classroom (AEC) programs. This ensures the ability to maintain curriculum quickly due to changes in electronic source data. AIM's SGML, HTML output modules (ASOM/AHOM) provide interface between AIM and the AEC giving the ability to present AIM curriculum in the electronic classroom.

     AIM users are provided a full range of services and assistance. Training in use of AIM for curriculum development and maintenance is provided as well access to the help desk for technical and functional assistance. AIM preplanned product improvements are issued to users as they are developed.

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