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Device 9E6

     Device 9E6 is used to train aviation personnel in proper pre-ejection procedures, and to familiarize them with the sensations experienced during an actual ejection in order to promote confidence in emergency survival equipment. The device simulates all aspects of the ejection process from the pre-ejection procedures through the powered ejection from the cockpit. The device is suited for use with a variety of ejection seat types.

     The ejection seat is driven upward by a pneumatic cylinder, producing an acceleration of up to 6 "g" at 125 "g"/sec. An automated "g" force monitoring system is installed to monitor the operational condition of the instructor's control panel and record the "g" forces that the ejection seat sustained during firing. The seat and its occupant rise 6 to 12 feet and are then returned to the loading position with the descent rate controlled by means of a hydraulic/mechanical braking system.

     The minimum space required for operation of the device is approximately 35 feet long by 20 feet wide by 30 feet high. 2-7. The device weighs 5500 pounds.

     There are eight (8) 9E6 devices currently in operation. All of the 9E6 devices are similar in construction and operation. DV 9E6, Serial #1 has been placed in the museum at NAS Pensacola, and Serial numbers 4, 8, 10 and 12 have been disposed. S/N 14 is in storage, at Pensacola. The G-meter computer and computer stand for S/N 14 are located at Miramar.

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