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Sailor 2025

Sailor 2025 is a transformational Navy training initiative that focuses on optimizing a Sailor's on-the-job performance across his/her career in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL) pillar of Sailor 2025 will modernize delivery methods, transitioning them, as appropriate, from traditional brick-and-mortar schoolhouses to mobile, multi-media, multi-platform delivery solutions that leverage science and technology to accelerate the dissemination of critical warfighting knowledge to Sailors. To achieve this goal, cognitive science, technology innovation, sound engineering methodology, and technical domain expertise will jointly guide the redesign of training content and performance support and their delivery to meet work performance requirements. Effective redesign requires an analysis of what instruction, practice, and performance support are required to achieve work performance proficiency and the availability of those resources across a range of locations, environments, and platforms, given the projected technology infrastructure. Work performance requirements will need to be understood, requiring the extensive use of knowledge capture methods. In addition, a number of proficiency acquisition and instructional variables will need examination, including task performance frequency, rate of proficiency decay, amount of practice time or trials to reach proficiency, the value of exposure to variable conditions, the value of hands-on experience, types of effective feedback, supporting knowledge, critical cues, and inter-task relationships and overlap.

Sailor 2025 Ready Relevant Learning Industry Information Session:
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Sailor 2025 Capability Submission Form:
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Point of Contact:
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