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To develop a modern multimillion-dollar system requires a diverse team of specialists. The diversity of expertise and resources required to produce such a system is substantial. The resources required may include various research and development laboratories with state-of-the-art test equipment, industrial construction facilities, and the latest computational hardware and software. Such broad expertise and resources exist not in any individual entity but among many, in the areas of government, industry, and academia. It is the coalescence of these abilities that will unlock the potential for the future. The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) provides the key.

It was the recognition of these complex requirements and the enormous potential of the simulation industry that led to the concept of a National Center for Simulation. That concept is now a reality, which effectively combines the expertise and resources of NAWCTSD and a number of affiliates in the simulation and training fields.

In 1985, the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida issued a resolution recognizing and endorsing the Center. The resolution stated, in part, that the Center "has the finest talent available, nationwide industrial support with over 75 firms represented in the Central Florida area, an annual budget of over $1 billion, academic and community support, and a national asset second to none." Further, the resolution endorsed the continued development of such high-technology industry.

In a subsequent letter to NAWCTSD, then-Florida Governor Bob Graham stated, "Simulation training should be established as the number one state target of industrial development." The following organizations are included in the Center.
Simulation and training technology in Orlando is on the brink of a new era brought about by combining the strengths of the military, academic, and industrial communities with State and local endorsements under the Center of Excellence banner.

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