Doing Business with Us

The Program Directors (PDs) - Aviation, Surface, Undersea, Cross Warfare and International - are responsible for accepting and executing projects assigned to NAWCTSD. The primary point of contact will be the Program Director responsible for the Warfare Area most closely aligned with the customer. Accordingly, all work is assigned to one of the PDs.

Those work assignments may reach NAWCTSD through a variety of methods. The most common approach for Navy customers is via the SYSCOMs (NAVAIR, NAVSEA, and SPAWAR). In those cases the OPNAV sponsor determines the validity and relative need of a respective task, allocates resources, and tasks the appropriate SYSCOM to manage the project. In turn, the SYSCOM tasks NAWCTSD to execute the task (e.g., acquisition of a new helicopter trainer, or conduct a training skills and requirements analysis for a new ship class). The mechanism for gaining access in this method is to elevate the requirement through the applicable operational chain of command to obtain the OPNAV sponsor's support. It is DoD Policy that a fair proportion of its total purchases (contracts and subcontracts) be placed with small business concerns. NAWCTSD is strongly committed to the use of small business concerns in executing its mission. Accordingly, the Center maintains an Office of Small Business Programs which is available to assist small businesses seeking to do business with NAWCTSD.


Direct access is the second most common method. Customers (e.g., Navy PEOs, PMAs, PMOs; Sister Services; Non-DOD Training Agents) may elect to request NAWCTSD directly to support their respective needs. Allied military may also access us with a letter of request from their embassy to the Navy International Programs Office. This avenue is typically conducted on a reimbursable basis where the customer provides requisite resources direct to NAWCTSD to enable project execution. Resources include project funds, travel funds and in-house salary funds. NAWCTSD's acceptance of these tasks is predicated on available capacity to effectively execute the task(s). Key components include available skill mix and the necessary depth of skills.

Contact Information:
E-mail: Business Support Team
Telephone: (407) 380-4903