Working Groups

Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

The Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) is a management technique that simultaneously integrates all essential acquisition activities through the use of multidisciplinary teams to optimize the design, manufacturing and supportability processes. IPPD facilitates meeting cost and performance objectives from product concept through production, including field support. One of the key IPPD tenets is multidisciplinary teamwork through Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). These teams enable making the right decisions at the right time.

IPT Process Map IPT Process Map

An IPT is a team of representatives from all appropriate functional disciplines working together to build a successful and balanced program, identify and resolve issues and provide recommendations to facilitate sound and timely decisions. The IPT is lead by the Project Manager (PJM) who ensures the proper mix of functional experts are represented.

The composition of the IPT depends upon the specific acquisition, its level of complexity and perceived risks involved in accomplishing the acquisition. The typical IPT will normally have a membership of at least the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Systems Engineer
  • Project Logistician
  • Contract Specialist

Take a look of the 2016 Navy IPT Industry Brief.

Engineering Technology Roadmap

Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) is initiating Working Group meetings with Industry.


The goal is to develop a plan for the future for DoD training and Human Performance technologies through the collective knowledge and imagination of Government, Industry and Academic partners. Provide an interchange forum where NAWCTSD can share its current draft vision of its modeling, simulation and training

Rules of Engagement:

Participation in the working group is open to all of Industry to attend. For capacity reasons, please RSVP to this announcement via the email provided and limit participation to one representative per company. We highly recommend Industry send a representative experienced in the Session Topics the IPT will address.

Available Reports:

Please provide any questions that you may have in advance to Business Support Team or you can contact Ms. Diana Teel at 407-380-4903, NAWCTSD Business Support.