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NAWCTSD’s acquisition process can be identified by three primary phases; these are:

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Acquisition
  3. Support

These processes are described in detail in our Acquisition Guide, which provides a “one stop” information center on the integrated overall acquisition process at NAWCTSD. The Acquisition Guide provides a macro-to-micro look at these processes. It is accessible to both government and industry personnel as a dual (government/industry) use program.

This view into our processes covers the entire analysis/acquisition/support process from determination of a training need through life cycle support of a fielded system. The wide dissemination of NAWCTSD processes has three major purposes. The first is to educate our own employees. The second is to inform other government agencies and customers about how NAWCTSD operates. And the third is to inform industry. Anyone using the Acquisition Guide can leverage information provided to further refine their own processes. Access to detailed government processes allows industry, our customers, and NAWCTSD to better position themselves as true partners in an Integrated Product Team (IPT) arrangement.

The acquisition process at NAWCTSD begins with the receipt of a requirement. The requirement can come from many sources. These include: Initial Capabilities Document, Capability Development Document, Capability Production Document, Navy Training Plan, existing curriculum, and many others. That requirement is then categorized as a particular type of work such as new training system procurement, device modification, services, life cycle support, or front end analysis. We then conduct market research, further document the requirement based on the market research, make a commerciality determination, and then propose the acquisition strategy to procure the requirement. Depending on the scope of the program, the following steps will then occur: