STEM Program

The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) supports Navy and Department of Defense (DoD) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs throughout Central Florida. Through the National Defense Education Program (NDEP), NAWCTSD is addressing the nation’s challenge to educate, train, recruit, and retain personnel in STEM-critical skills in shortfall disciplines for National Security and Defense.

The Navy’s STEM is built around five priorities:

  1. Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers (S&Es).
  2. Engage students and build their STEM confidence and skills through hands-on learning activities.
  3. Educate students to be well prepared for employment in STEM careers.
  4. Employ, retain, and develop Naval STEM professionals.
  5. Collaborate on STEM efforts across the Department of the Navy, the Federal government, and best practice organizations.

While NAWCTSD’s official implementation of NDEP-supported STEM initiatives began in late 2009, it has had a 25-year partnership with the Blankner School (K-8) in Orange County, Florida. NAWCTSD has provided mentors, laboratory tours, job-shadow opportunities, and awards/incentives for these students. NAWCTSD has also had strong relationships with the University of Central Florida (UCF), providing internship opportunities for UCF students.

NAWCTSD provides high school and college students with summer internship opportunities, to include the following programs: Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP), Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), and Joint Educational Opportunities for Minorities (JEOM).


Numerous STEM development opportunities are also provided for the NAWCTSD workforce such as Naval Post Graduate School courses for degrees/certifications, Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses and certifications, Naval Air Systems Command leadership development courses, and Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program.

Today, NAWCTSD is committed to energizing STEM education in regional schools by partnering our scientists and engineers with teachers in classrooms to facilitate inquiry and design project-based learning. It also provides training opportunities for professional development of science and math teachers, and provides mentors for robotics teams and summer interns. Tours of NAWCTSD laboratories and demonstrations of modeling and simulation technologies for students and educators are also central to the program. NAWCTSD also supports science fairs, teach-ins, science/technology field trips, and summer camps.

Contact Information:
Telephone: (407) 380-4103
Fax: (407) 381-8744