Release Notes

NPW 2.4.0

  • NPW-265 - Added JavaScript code to activate Google Analytics.

  • NPW-266 - Uploaded the latest update of the NAWCTSD Research Compendium file.

  • NPW-268 - Created Cybersecurity page under Industry Outreach.

NPW 2.3.2

  • NPW-237 - Rename "IPT" tab to "Working Groups" in the "Industry Outreach" section. Added the new Engineering Technology Roadmap working group.

NPW 2.3.1

  • NPW-228 - Fixed misspelling in the Training Systems webpage.

NPW 2.3.0

  • NPW-225 - Added the S&T Research Projects "Grey Book" under Partnerships in the Industry Outreach section.

  • NPW-226 - Added the new TSIS document in the TSIS section under Industry Outreach.

  • NPW-227 - Created a Release Notes web page link to the home page release version.