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Rotor Spin Facility (RSF)

Rotor Spin Testing

The Rotor Spin Facility (RSF) provides experimental support for research, development, test and evaluation programs that pertain to rotor structural integrity, durability and failure protection.

The RSF consists of four spin vacuum chambers capable of performing the test and evaluation of engine rotating components, such as compressors and turbines. The chambers vary in size to accommodate the various sizes of rotating components from turbojet/turboshaft/turboprop engines to the largest components of high bypass fan engines. These facilities are used to experimentally develop and evaluate the structural and material aspects of gas turbine engine rotor design.

Under simulated engine conditions, component tests are conducted to investigate such areas as rotor stress distributions, low cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue, vibration diagnostics, new material evaluation, crack growth phenomena vibrations, failure characterization and containment studies of disk, rim, blades and appendages. Engineers evaluate exploratory and advanced development concepts as well as demonstrate component life predictions and overspeed capability for engines submitted for qualification and release to production. Opportunities exist for independent studies with theoretical prediction techniques, which can be verified by full scale component testing.