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Ejection Tower Lab

Ejection Tower

The Ejection Tower Facility's mission is to test and evaluate new ejection seat technology being researched and developed for future defense forces. The captive and repeatable capability of the accelerator provides for cost-effective test and evaluation of potential new products to ensure that they meet or exceed design performances specifications.

NAVAIR's Ejection Tower at Patuxent River, Md., is the only facility of its kind in the United States. Its technology can be applied in diverse military and industrial test arenas, including commercial and private aircraft, military aircrew and equipment testing, and safety and transportation.

Typically, the 100-foot-high Ejection Tower is used in evaluating the interface between the occupant, seat, and aircraft, determining human response to ejection; evaluating effects of G forces and rates of G-onset; verifying physiological acceptance of seat components and platforms; evaluating rescue and survival kit equipment, structurally and physiologically; and investigating human-vehicle interfacees under dynamic conditions.