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Aircraft Test & Evaluation Facility (Hush House)

ATEF Test Activity

The Aircraft Test and Evaluation Facility (ATEF), or Hush House, is a noise-abated ground test sub-facility. The facility's controlled environment provides 24-hour indoor, full-scale, aircraft-installed, engine and mechanical system testing.

The ATEF has the capability to create a full-range of conditions and the capacity to house and test everything from unmanned aerial vehicles to carrier aircraft, and provides the capability to ground test installed aircraft propulsion, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic subsystems in a controlled environment, during static and engine operating conditions. The facility also provides weight and balance capabilities, night vision and low lighting capability testing, water intrusion, heat soaking and wind evaluation capabilities.

The ATEF is designed to accommodate a variety of aircraft,including Navy fighter and attack aircraft. The facility will also accommodate other forms of testing, such as functional testing of ground support equipment or static testing of helicopter systems.

Uninstalled engine testing has been added to the facility.  Testing is conducted to provide long term engine life evaluations.  Capabilities exist for testing helicopter and jet engines utilizing simulated mission operational profiles.