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MK-7 Arresting Gear

MK-7 Catapult

Completed in 1961, the MK-7 arresting gear is operated and maintained by Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Two Three (VX-23). This underground installation accommodates structural tests and aircraft/arresting gear compatibility studies with all models of carrier aircraft in the US Navy. Due to limited deck space aboard an aircraft carrier, recovery equipment is required to shorten the aircraft landing distance. The MK-7 arresting gear is a hydraulic-mechanical engine used to arrest airplanes up to 50,000 pounds gross weight and at engaging speeds of 175 mph. Despite its age, the MK-7 has gone through continuous upgrades and is representative of the arresting gear used on today's aircraft carriers. The primary use of the MK-7 arresting gear is to ensure the aircraft systems remain functional and the aircraft structure can withstand the loads imparted during the arrested landing.