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Advanced Maritime Technology Center (AMTC)

Advanced Maritime Technology Center (AMTC)

The AMTC is located at the mouth of the Patuxent River and situated in a protected basin with immediate access to either the River for calm water ops or the Chesapeake Bay for heavier sea state work. This lab can transfer Human Systems Integration and Aero-Platform engineering with avionics-style mission system architecture to Advanced Small Craft.

The Yacht Basin, Building, Dockage, Boat Lift, Handling, Maintenance and storage area. Office and lab test spaces and parking areas are now under expansion.

Connectivity and Outreach to NAWC Facilities include: Atlantic Test Ranges, ACETEF, extensive technical laboratories,Surface Aviation Interoperability Laboratory (SAIL), training technology. Other assets include AMTC's ideal location and favorable testing climate with immediate access to the Chesapeake Bay Test Range.

Asset List:

    • 360 Long Ton Synchrolift
    • 14 Different craft designed to support various testing
    • Machine stop
    • Welding shop
    • Communications and Navigation tools for all craft
    • 40,000 Square Ft climate controlled maintenance area
    • Boat ramp
    • Classified systems installation area
    • USCG Certified and trained operators
    • 24 hour video security