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Propulsion and Power

NAWCAD operates Propulsion and Power facilities that conduct testing of propulsion systems and components for all Navy Aircraft Systems and the systems of the other Services and research agencies. 

The facilities are the Propulsion Systems Evaluation Facility (PSEF) which tests every aspect of propulsion systems on many diverse platforms. The PSEF contains 55 test and support areas including: Fuels and Lubricants Test and Laboratory areas, Rotor Spin Facility for Compressors and Turbines,  Altitude Environmental Chamber, Helicopter Drive System Facility, Small Engine and  Accessory Test Area, and Central Computer Facility.  The Aircraft Test and Evaluation Facility (ATEF), commonly called the Hush House, is a test cell for propulsion testing of Fighter and Attack sized aircraft. 

In addition to aircraft testing the facility also conducts uninstalled propulsion testing, Night Vision, Weight and Balance and other specialized testing activities.  The Outdoor Test Site (OTS), located at Lakehurst, New Jersey, conducts testing outside of full scale propulsion systems such as Gyroscopic and Attitude testing.  The Electrical Systems Lab (ESL) provides a full compliment of electrical component testing including MIL-STD-704 testing, Environmental and Vibration testing.  Testing of the power delivery systems of the aircraft are conducted utilizing mobile labs.