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Surface/Aviation Interoperability Lab (SAIL)

Surface/Aviation Interoperability Lab (SAIL)

The Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory (SAIL) is a unique, world–class facility that offers hardware–in–the–loop and operator–in–the–loop capabilities. Live evaluations and exercises are conducted in the Atlantic Test Range, virtually through local or distributed synthetic warfare environments, or in a hybrid of the two by working with aircraft in–flight, on the deck, and in the NAVAIR chambers. SAIL has three shipboard combat system suites, the FFG, DDG and CVN. These three platforms communicate through voice and data links with aircraft for test and evaluation of the aircraft systems, shipboard systems and the interface between them. The facility provides programs with an up front and early exposure to deployed naval systems and capabilities that foster risk reduction and cost efficiency for customers. 

SAIL offers flexible scheduling and availability for all customers ensuring that systems are tested and are fleet ready. This lab also offers a full complement of military HF/VHF/UHF and SATCOM communications.

In addition, this facility also supports, Common Datalink (CDL) testing, Tactical Datalink (TDL) testing, Acoustics, radar, ESM, FLIR, MAD Stimulation, and Distributed engineering plant (DEP) node.

Asset List:

    • RoadHawk
    • DDG
    • CVN
    • FFG

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