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Greetings from the new Commander

Posted October 20, 2014

To the men and women of the NAWCAD/NAVAIR Team:

It is an honor to serve as your Commander.   In my first week on the job I have already witnessed the remarkable intellectual capital that you bring to our mission of developing, fielding and sustaining weapons systems for our nation's warfighters. I'm anxious to visit Lakehurst and Orlando, and plan on traveling in Nov. and Dec.   In late September,  I had the opportunity to visit Pt. Mugu and China Lake, gaining a brief exposure to the Research and Engineering efforts at those sites, as well as an overview of the many other capabilities at NAWCWD.   I look forward to periodic follow-up visits throughout my tour.

As a command philosophy you will hear me emphasize three overarching focus areas: mission, people and relationships. The Navy and Marine Corps are engaged throughout the globe in an ever-changing and intensely-challenging security environment. One could argue that we have never been as engaged on as many fronts as we are today. Our Sailors and Marines require our best efforts every day. Our mission is to make them successful by ensuring the timely success of our acquisition programs and related efforts. Our workforce makes us uniquely able to accomplish this mission and it is a command imperative that the organization serves to develop, strengthen and stimulate our people. From a day-to-day perspective, it's important that we take care of each other. A sense of community not only enhances our mission effectiveness, it makes for a better work environment. Finally, strong relationships, both internal and external, will guarantee cooperation and collaboration in an environment of competing resources. More on this topic in my next note.

Thank you for what you do for the fleet. I'm excited to be part of this great organization.

Very Respectfully,
Rear Admiral Dean Peters, U.S. Navy

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Dean Peters

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