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Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

RCM is an analytical process to determine the appropriate failure management strategies, including PM requirements and other actions that are warranted to ensure safe operations and cost-wise readiness. This process of developing PM requirements, with an auditable documentation package, is based on the reliability of the various components, the severity of the consequences related to safety and mission if failure occurs, and the cost effectiveness of the task. The primary objective of the RCM process is to identify ways to avoid or reduce the consequences of failures which, if allowed to occur, will adversely impact personnel safety, environmental health, mission accomplishment, or economics.

Preventive maintenance is only one way that failure consequences can be mitigated. A PM task should be implemented when it is appropriate to do so, but that might not be the best solution in all cases. The RCM analysis might indicate, for example, that the best solution is to simply allow the failure to occur, and then perform corrective maintenance to repair it. In yet other instances, analysis might indicate that some other action is warranted, such as an item redesign, a change in an operational or maintenance procedure, or any number of other actions which will effectively reduce the consequences of failure to an acceptable level.

Our task is to: Function as the Naval Air Systems Command RCM technical experts, provide assistance in the implementation and application of RCM to new acquisitions and in-service weapon systems and equipment, and provide RCM training to the Naval Aviation Enterprise.

Contact Information

For RCM related products and support, please contact:

RCM National Deputy at (301) 342-5292.


The following links will direct you to important NAVAIR reliability-centered maintenance documents.

  • NAVAIR 00-25-403 The Naval Aviation Reliability-Centered Maintenance Process (01 June 2016)
    (Current version also available at NATEC)
  • NAVAIRINST 4790.20C Reliability-Centered Maintenance Program (Current version also available at MyTeam)
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RCM Classroom Training:

NAVAIR University: College of Logistics and Industrial Operations (CLIO)

*Note: Must have a CAC/NMCI to access NAVAIRU online to register for the 2 RCM classes listed below.

Fundamentals of Reliability-Centered Maintenance Analysis Course (CLIO-671-113)

Description: The Fundamentals of RCM Analysis Course is a 3 day course aimed at new/apprentice level RCM analysts and those interested in understanding RCM. The course is based on the NAVAIR RCM process documented in NAVAIR 00-25-403, The Naval Aviation Reliability-Centered Maintenance Process. Topics include: RCM definition and history, the RCM Process, FMECA development, failure mitigation strategies, how to perform RCM, cost estimating, and use of the NAVAIR RCM analysis software.

Advanced Reliability-Centered Maintenance Course (CLIO-671-211)

Description: The advanced RCM class is a 2 day course aimed at RCM analysts with 2 years of RCM experience (level 2 and above certified RCM analysts). The course is based on the NAVAIR RCM process documented in NAVAIR 00-25-403, The Naval Aviation Reliability-Centered Maintenance Process. Students will learn about various methods and processes involved in implementing and sustaining RCM analyses and an RCM program. Topics include: RCM program management, RCM sustainment, P-F curve development, CBM+, age exploration methods, and Weibull analysis.

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RCM Online Training:

Defense Acquisition University (DAU): RCM Course (CLL 030) is offered and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

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