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Decision Knowledge Programming for Logistics Analysis and

Technical Evaluation (DECKPLATE)

DECKPLATE is the authoritative Naval Aviation Active Data Warehouse

DECKPLATE is a reporting system, based on the Cognos analysis, query, and reporting tools. It provides report and query capabilities content-equivalent with the current NALDA systems and allows reporting and analysis capability not available with the current systems. The web-based reporting system provides a sound basis for future implementation of emerging DoN architectural requirements.

DECKPLATE is the next generation data warehouse for aircraft maintenance, flight and usage data. Through the use of Cognos analysis, query and reporting tools the user has the capabilities to effectively obtain readiness data in a near real-time environment, as well as, history data for trend analysis and records reconstruction. DECKPLATE provides on-line management of TD and Kits via the DECKPLATE TD/Kit Management application.

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Contact Information

For contact information, questions, comments, or concerns, please submit an action item to the National Help Desk.

TD/Kit Management Contacts

If you have questions about Technical Directives or Kits, you can find a point of contact on the TD/Kit Management Contact Information page.

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TD/Kit Management Contact Information

Technical Directives Status Accounting Points of Contact:

  • Team Lead
  • Components
  • Helicopters
  • Support Equipment
  • Fixed Wing A/C
  • Engines
  • 301-757-9195
  • 301-757-8293
  • 301-757-8234
  • 301-757-8295
  • 301-757-9038
  • 301-757-8830

Assistant Commander for Logistics
Naval Air Systems Command
ATTN AIR Technical Directive Management Branch
BLDG 446 Suite 111
47056 McLeod Rd Unit 8
Patuxent River, MD 20670

Fax: 301-342-5791 or 301-342-4260

Kit Points of Contact:

  • Team Lead -
  • CKA Kit Assembly - CGI
  • Fax Pax River
  • 301-757-8237
  • 904-278-5577
  • 301-757-8251

SMIC   System Phone
AH   H-1 301-757-8300
AT   F402-408 301-757-8516
B4   F414 301-757-8516
BE   C-2 301-757-8237
BP   P-3 301-757-9668
BX   AAC 301-757-9668
DQ   T56 301-757-8516
DX   AVC 301-995-2939
EB   E-2 301-757-8237
EN   J52 301-757-8516
FA   EA-6B 301-757-8237
FQ   T64 301-757-8516
FV   MQ-8 301-757-8237
KA   AV-8 301-757-8221
LC   C-130 301-757-9668
LX   ACC 301-757-8300
MN   J85 301-757-8221
MX   AWC 301-995-2939
NQ   T400 301-757-8516
P8   P-8 301-757-9668
QH   H-53 301-757-8300
QX   PRC 301-995-2939
SF   F/A-18 301-757-8221
SX   SEC/SSC 301-995-2939
T4   T-45 301-757-8237
T8   T-44 301-757-8237
TN   F404 301-757-8516
U2   H-60/DCC 301-757-8300
U3   T700 301-757-8298
UN   F402 301-757-8516
UT   H-53/DCC 301-757-8300
UU   H-1/DCC 301-757-8300
V2   V-22 301-757-8300
VD   V-22/DCC 301-757-8300
VH   H-60 301-757-8300
XF   E-6 301-757-8237
XX   AYC 301-757-8298

Assistant Commander for Logistics
Naval Air Systems Command
ATTN AIR KIT Management Branch
BLDG 449 Suite 100A
47033 McLeod Rd Unit 8
Patuxent River, MD 20670

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