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Product Support Analysis (PSA)

Product Support Analysis (PSA) is the present day process for identifying the resources required developing the logistics support system to accomplish the operations and maintenance tasks necessary to sustain equipment in the fielded environment. The PSA process is the successor to what was previously known as Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and Logistics Management Information (LMI). LSA and LMI have been cancelled with the introduction of PSA. The Department of Defense has adopted PSA and associated guidance.

With the application of PSA, well defined tasks are identified, a timeline for task application is provided along with task inputs and outputs. Through the accomplishment of these tasks, Logistics Product Data (LPD) are identified and become attributes that define the specifics of the logistics support system resources, e.g., spares and repair parts; support equipment, technical manual data and training requirements. When entered into a qualified logistics database, summaries of the LPD can be generated which support acquisition of the required resources.

The PSA guidance provides the “what to do” information required for identification of support system resources. The “how to do” information is contained in a revision to the Acquisition Logistics Handbook and supplemented with specific guidance applicable to Department of the Navy systems commands. Guidance for tailoring the tasks is also provided to account for the differences in system acquisitions. Guidance for development of the logistics database and generation of the summary reports are also newly published documents. Understanding the content of this guidance and the task relationships is extremely important to ensure the cost effective application of PSA and the acquisition/development of the logistics support system.


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