Summer 2018Opens New Window - Joint Aviation Fiber Optic Working Group (JAvFOWG)



Spring 2018Opens New Window - Wiring Maintenance Manual Change 3 Updates

Winter 2017Opens New Window - EWIS Preventative Maintenance

Fall 2017Opens New Window - On-Aircraft Soldering and M85049/128 Shield Termination Bands

Summer 2017Opens New Window - Connector Sealing Plug and Unwired Contact Extraction Tool Updates

Spring 2017Opens New Window - Accessing Job Performance Aids (JPAs) in Technical Publications

Fall 2016Opens New Window - Found in the Field (Composite Backshells)

Summer 2016Opens New Window - Electrical Connector Manufacturing Issues

Spring 2016Opens New Window - MIL-HDBK-1646: The Maintainer’s Guidance to Electrical Contacts and Connectors

Winter 2016Opens New Window - Terminal Lugs Crimp Tools

Fall 2015Opens New Window - Terminal Lug Update

Summer 2015Opens New Window - MIL-HDBK-516 Revision C Update

Spring 2015Opens New Window - Wiring Maintenance Manual Received Update (Change 1)

Winter 2015Opens New Window - Air Force Aircraft Wiring Technical and Engineering Support Updates

Fall 2014Opens New Window - Splice Update

Summer 2014Opens New Window - High Speed Data Connector

Spring 2014Opens New Window - 505-1 Wiring Tech Manual Receives Revisions

Winter 2014Opens New Window - Joint Fiber Optic Working Group

Fall 2013Opens New Window - Handheld Aircraft Wire Tester (HAWT)/Test Leads

Summer 2013Opens New Window - AV-8B Automated Wire Testing Analysis

Spring 2013Opens New Window - Large Crimp Tool Standards

Winter 2013Opens New Window - Cold Applied (Heatless) Splice and Ring Terminal

Fall 2012Opens New Window - Wire Cutter Standard

Summer 2012Opens New Window - Committee Updates

Spring 2012Opens New Window - C-Wrap Wire Repair/NAVAIR Wiring Team Produces Training Video

Winter 2012Opens New Window - Splices and More Splices

Fall 201Opens New Window1 - Solder Sleeve Update

Summer 2011Opens New Window - Terminal Lug Update

Spring 2011Opens New Window - Avionics Chassis Wire Testing

Winter 2011Opens New Window - NAVAIR Wiring Systems Branch Qualifies New Wire for Aircraft

Fall 2010Opens New Window - NAVAIR Makes Wire Splicing Cool

Summer 2010Opens New Window - JSWAG Creates Military Handbook Highlighting EWIS Best Practices/NAVAIR Wiring Team Produces Training Video

Spring 2010Opens New Window - New Wiring Tools for Maintainers

Winter 2010Opens New Window - JSWAG Participants Focus on Training

Fall 2009Opens New Window - 505 Tech Manual Receives Update

Summer 2009Opens New Window - New Wire Stripper, Insulation Headed for Maintainer Toolbox

Spring 2009Opens New Window - Products Being Tested to Counter Wire Chafing/Products in Work

Winter 2009Opens New Window - Your Training Keeps Planes Flying/NAVAIR Electrician Receives Lu Roberts Award at JSWAG