Lu Roberts Award Information

Lu Roberts was one of the first coordinators of the Naval Aerospace Vehicle Wiring Action Group (NAVWAG) and was instrumental in getting wiring systems recognized and treated as integral parts of aircraft health and maintenance. For too long, wiring systems have been thought of as fit and forget items. Eddie Reams, automatic test equipment manager for the Coast Guard aircraft wiring systems and Lu Roberts were plank owners of the wiring action group. Sadly Roberts passed away after being struck by a motorist while he was taking his daily bike ride near San Diego a few years ago. Roberts' legacy lives on in people who have the drive and determination to see things through and get jobs done, no matter the obstacle.

The Lu Roberts award goes to the individual who demonstrates the tenacity to solve wiring issues across the Naval Aviation Enterprise. NAVWAG expanded to support Joint Services and was renamed Joint Services Wiring Action Group (JSWAG) and provides advancement in safety, reliability, maintainability and readiness of all DoD aircraft by improving their electrical wire and fiber optic cable systems and resolving wiring, interconnect systems and fiber optic system problems.

Lu Roberts receives an award from Gene Kamplain, NAVWAG Chairman

Lu Roberts receives an award from Gene Kamplain, NAVWAG Chairman

Letter of appreciation from Janeene Roberts

Previous Lu Roberts Award Winners

For outstanding contributions and support to the improvement of aerospace wiring and interconnect systems, the Joint Services Wiring Action Group (JSWAG) Executive Steering Committee has previously awarded the prestigious Lu Roberts awards to the following members:

List of past Lu Roberts Award winners
2003 Donnell Bacon
2004 Rick Clarkson
2005 Eddie Reams
2006 Ollie Muja
2007 Jerome Collins
2008 Ron Laughlin
2009 Jan Ewing
2010 Cheryl Brotherton
2011 TSgt Antonio Trigo
2012 Steve Vogt
2013 Daniel Capps
2014 Brian Vetter
2015 Jim Foley
2016 Dave Droke
2017 Captain Kevin Champaigne