Integrated Systems Evaluation, Experimentation and Test (ISEET)

The Integrated Systems Evaluation, Experimentation and Test Department (ISEET) provides the people, processes, facilities and aircraft for experimentation, and test and evaluation of battlespace concepts, systems of systems, and platform systems. The department is composed of test and evaluation engineers, project officers, and test pilots who are responsible for identifying program critical test elements, designing experiments to evaluate battlespace concepts, translating engineering test requirements into test plans for flight tests, and analyzing flight test data to evaluate system effectiveness. The department is responsible for flight test safety, aircraft maintenance services, and flight operations. In addition, ISEET provides test and evaluation acquisition planning for PEOs / PMAs / IPTs, provides resources and staffing to operate the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, and manages the NAVAIR Technical Assurance Board (NTAB), which monitors designated programs for technical issues arising from aviation test and evaluation.