Hydraulic Power Supplies


Provide a portable clean ground hydraulic power source (diesel and electric) for naval aircraft troubleshooting and maintenance.


The Hydraulic Power Supplies (HPS) are mobile units (A/M27T-14, Electric & A/M27T-15, Diesel) that provide a source of hydraulic power for the check out, maintenance and servicing of the aircraft hydraulic systems while the aircraft is on the ground.

The current generation of Navy HPS was designed in the mid-1960s to provide hydraulic fluid at 3,000 pounds per square-inch (PSI). Newer aircraft hydraulic systems for the F/A-18E/F, EA-18G and Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) require fluid at more than 4,000 PSI.

The new units are capable of providing hydraulic pressures up to 5,000 PSI. The power supplies are used in conjunction with the Hydraulic Fluid Purifiers (HPF) to clean contaminated aircraft hydraulic systems.


Primary Function: Deliver clean ground hydraulic power to aircraft for troubleshooting and maintenance.
Prime Contractor: Hydraulics International, Inc.

Program Status

Acquisition Category: IVM
Projected Inventory: 1132 units
Initial Operating Capability: Aug 2007
Projected Full Operating Capability: Aug 2011