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NAVAIR 4.0E Source Selection Office Section L and Section M Templates

The following documents are the NAVAIR 4.0E Source Selection Office’s competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) Sections L and Section M templates.  These templates are used as a guide to develop competitive RFP Sections L and M for procurements managed by 4.0E (i.e., those that typically exceed $250M in estimated value, however, this template may be applied to procurements of an estimated lower dollar value).

These templates are “living” documents and are subject to change based on policy change, AIR-4.0E office experiences, and lessons learned.  Additionally, the templates are “tailorable” for each acquisition based on NAVAIR’s requirements.  These documents should only be used as a guide. The formal RFP released on the Federal Business Opportunities web site must be relied upon for proposal preparation.

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NAVAIR-Industry Summit

Focus: To improve the consistency of major competitions.

Overarching goal: To promulgate process improvement actions that will promote better proposals and better best-value selections while reducing process time.

On 4 November 2015, NAVAIR conducted an Industry Day on the Competitive Source Selection process. Industry’s interest prompted the initiation of the NAVAIR/Industry Summit. Major contractors, consulting firms, and NAVAIR joined to form a working group to establish the topics and format of the Summit, and to select the Industry and NAVAIR executives who would serve as its panel members.

The Summit was held on 29 November 2016. Three working group leaders presented Industry and Government perspectives, facilitated panel and audience discussion as needed, and recorded resolutions and actions.

The Summit panel discussion covered a range of topics, but focused on open information exchange and consistent use of best practices in the following areas:

  • Access to Early Acquisition Information / Requirements
  • Enhanced Communications with Industry
  • Improved Status Reporting during RFP Development

The results of the NAVAIR-Industry Summit can be found in the NAVAIR-Industry Summit Executive Summary and the NAVAIR-Industry Summit Report.

NAVAIR-Industry Communication Plan for Competitive Procurements

The NAVAIR-Industry Communication Plan establishes guidelines for how Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Industry can effectively communicate during competitive procurement activities.  The plan is intended to make communication methods/procedures more predictable for all parties and to achieve more effective competitive procurements in support of the warfighter. The plan can be found at the corresponding link:

AIR 4.0E Section L Template (199 kb)

Attachment L-1 Volume 1: Executive Summary Table (23 kb)

Attachment L-1 Volume 2: T-1 Cross Reference Matrix (12 kb)

Attachment L-2 Volume 2: T-2 Small Business Goals (19 kb)

Attachment L-3 Volume 3: Past Performance Questionnaire (28 kb)

Attachment L-4 Volume 3: PP-1 Past Performance Contract Data (16 kb)

Attachment L-5 Volume 4: CE-1 Corporate Experience Instructions (21 kb)

Volume 5: Section L Cost Attachments (158 kb)

AIR 4.0E Section M Template (69 kb)

NAVAIR-Industry Summit Executive Summary (33 kb)

NAVAIR-Industry Summit Report (3 mb)

NAVAIR-Industry Communication Plan (574 kb)