Battlefield command and control, maritime special operations and Search-and-Rescue missions for the HH-1N.


The H-1 Huey is the most successful military helicopter ever produced -- more than 16,000 have been produced since 1956. Deliveries of the current version, the HH/UH-1N, began in 1971. The last UH-1N was delivered in 1979. Navy HH-1Ns and Marine Corps UH-1Ns started being replaced by the UH-1Y in 2008. The UH-1N will be in the fleet until 2014.  Four HH-1Ns will remain in service as Search And Rescue (SAR) aircraft until they are replaced in 2015. UH-1Y’s will continue to be delivered until 2018. UH-1N Hueys are no longer fielded in active Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadrons, or HMLAs.


Fuselage Length: 44 feet, 10 inches
Overall Length: 57 feet
Height: 14 feet, 5 inches
Weight: 7,000 lbs (empty), 10,500 lbs (max gross)
Speed: 130 knots (max), 107 knots (cruise)
Ceiling: 17,300 feet
Range: 286 Nautical Miles (Empty, N/A otherwise)
Power Plant: 2 Pratt and Whitney T400-CP-400
Sensor: FLIR Systems, Inc. STAR SAFIRE or BRITE STAR
Crew: Pilot, copilot, crew chief, gunner, 6-8 combat-equipped troops
Contractor: Bell Helicopter-Textron, Inc

Program Status

Acquisition Phase: Sundown

Updated April 2014