About the Ombudsman


-Serve as a reliable source of information and have direct access to the command.

-Pass information to and from the command leadership.

-Maintain a high degree of confidentiality and bring emergency issues to the attention of the command.

-Assist in crisis and disaster response as directed by the Commanding Officer.

-Refer families in need of resources to military and command agencies, like American Red Cross, Fleet and Family Support Centers, Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society and many others.

-Participate in monthly training to be up to date on all the new resources and information to best support the command families.


-Provide or recommend childcare or baby-sitting services due to legal and liability implications.

-Provide transportation of any sort due to legal or implied legal implications

-Move you into housing, provide you with a military ID, have you placed on your sailor's page 2 or enroll you in DEER's.

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