UH-1Y Venom


The roles of the UH-1Y for the Marines Corps:

Combat Assault Support
Airborne Command and Control
Armed Escort/Reconnaissance
Control of Supporting Arms
Search and Rescue/Casualty Evacuation
Special Operations Support



The UH-1Y is the most significant upgrade ever made to the venerable and battle-proven H-1 helicopter. At the heart of the upgrade is a new four-bladed, all-composite and ballistically tolerant (up to 23 mm) rotor system. Upgraded engines and transmissions, integrated digital cockpit featuring multifunction flat panel displays, increased payload capabilities, crash-worthy seating for all crew and passengers, and 85 percent common parts with the AH-1Z Super Cobra. The UH-1Y platform also provides increased load carrying ability, greater range and survivability, and has a smaller logistical footprint.


Fuselage Length: 44 feet
Overall Length: 58 feet
Height: 17 feet
Weight: 11,839 lbs (empty), 18,500 lbs (max gross)
Max Useful Load: 6,661 lbs
Max Internal Fuel: 2,584 lbs
Payload (Hot Day): 3,079 lbs
Max Endurance: 3.3 hrs
Speed: 170 knots (max), 146 knots (cruise)
Ceiling: 20,000 feet (max operational altitude is 10,000ft PA)
Range: 129 Nautical Miles (Mission Radius w/combat load)
Power Plant: 2 General Electric T-700-GE-401C turboshaft engines
Sensor: Advanced Third Gen - FLIR Systems, Inc. BRITE Star Block II
Weapons Stations: 2 Pintle mounted Guns and 2 External Store Hard Points
Crew: Pilot, copilot, crew chief, gunner plus 8 combat-equipped troops
Contractor: Bell Helicopter-Textron, Inc

Program Status

Acquisition Phase: In Production
Projected Inventory: 160 
Initial Operational Capabilities (IOC) date:
August 2008
Projected Full Operational Capabilities (FOC) date: March 2016

Updated May 2018