Electronic Knee Board (EKB)

Electonic Knee Board

EKB provides an aviator with digital products, such as DoD flight information charts and instrument approach plates, tactical charts, and imagery. EKB is part of the ACAT II JMPS Program of Record.


Joint Mission Planning System

 Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS)

JMPS provides the information, automated tools and decision aids needed to plan aircraft, weapon, and sensor missions rapidly and accurately. The system loads mission data into aircraft, weapons and avionics systems Future JMPS platforms include: CH-53K King Stallion, MQ-4C Triton and P-8A Poseidon. In 2006, the CNO designated JMPS as the mission planning system for naval aviation.

Joint Mission Planning System- Expeditionary (JMPS-E)

 Joint Mission Planning System- Expeditionary (JMPS-E)

JMPS-E is a versatile web-based mission planning system for the Expeditionary Strike Group, Marine Expeditionary Unit, and Amphibious Squadron. The system provides Amphibious Readiness Group staff with a web-based collaborative tool that synchronizes mission execution. JMPS-E helps communicate a commander’s intent and increase crisis action planning efficiency.

Theater Mission Planning Center

 Theater Mission Planning Center (TMPC)

The Theater Mission Planning Center (TMPC) is the mission planning segment of the Tomahawk Weapon System that provides precision targeting, route planning, mission distribution, and strike management of Tomahawk cruise missile missions from sites located ashore and afloat. TMPC optimizes all aspects of the Tomahawk missile mission to successfully engage a target.

Air Wing Ship Integration (AWSI)

(U.S. Navy photo)

Air Wing Ship Integration (AWSI) consists of four programs: Digital Camera Receiving Station (DCRS), Naval Strike Warfare Planning Center (NSWPC), Integrated Strike Planning and Execution (ISP&E) and Carrier Ready Room Transformational Technologies Upgrade.

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Unmanned System Common Control System (CCS)

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CCS has a common framework, user interface and components that can be integrated and tested on a variety of emerging or legacy platforms. The system will provide an open software architecture that is agile and scalable to support evolving requirements.

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