The MQ-8 Fire Scout system is designed to provide reconnaissance, situational awareness, and precision targeting support for ground, air and sea forces.

The MQ-8B can operate from air-capable ships with deployments on Guided Missile Frigates (FFG) and the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).

The MQ-8C air vehicle upgrade will provide longer endurance, range and greater payload capability than the MQ-8B . It will conduct initial testing on guided-missile destroyers (DDG)-class ship.

Graphical representation of the differences between the MQ-8B and MQ-8C






MQ-8B Fire Scout

MQ-8B conducts test flight.

The Fire Scout unmanned air system is comprised of up to three MQ-8B Fire Scout air vehicles, ground control stations, and associated control handling and support equipment. With vehicle endurance greater than eight hours, a system will be capable of twelve continuous hours of operations providing coverage 110 nautical miles from the launch site.

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MQ-8C Fire Scout

MQ-8C arrives at Naval Base Ventura County at Point Mugu, Calif.

The MQ-8C, with a larger air vehicle than the MQ-8B, has a range of 150 nautical miles and a payload capacity of more than 700 pounds. MQ-8C will require fewer aircraft to operate at maximum performance and will meet an U.S. Africa and Special Operation Commands urgent needs requirement.

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