The Navy’s standard automatic test equipment family.


The Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) is the Navy’s standard automatic test equipment family. It provides intermediate, depot and factory level support, both ashore and afloat, of all Navy electronics from aircraft to ships and submarines. 713 stations are used by Naval aviation. CASS is also in use at Naval Sea Systems Command activities and in nine foreign countries.


Primary Function: The Navy’s standard automatic test equipment family.
Date Deployed: Mainframe CASS was acquired from 1990 – 2002. The production contract for RTCASS was awarded in 2003, and production is planned to continue through 2012. eCASS will enter System Design and Development Phase in December 2009; Low Rate Initial Production Phase will begin in 2012; Full Rate Production decision will be in 2014.

CASS Systems:

  • Hybrid – The CASS Hybrid station provides the core test capability for general purpose electronics, computers, instruments, and flight controls.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) – The CASS RF station provides Hybrid station test capability plus ECM, ECCM, EW Support Measures, Fire Control Radar, Navigation Radar, Tracking Radar, Surveillance Radar, and Radar Altimeter support capability. 
  • High Power – The CASS High Power station provides RF station capability plus the capability to test high power RADAR systems such as the APG-65 and APG-73.
  • Communications/Navigation/Interrogation (CNI) – The CASS CNI station provides RF station capability plus communication, navigation, interrogation, and spread spectrum system support capability.
  • Electro-Optic (EO) – The CASS EO station provides Hybrid station test capability plus support capability for Forward Looking Infrared, Lasers/Designators, Laser Range Finders, and Visual Systems.
  • Reconfigurable Transportable CASS (RTCASS) - RTCASS provides a man-portable CASS configuration using COTS hardware and software to meet USMC V-22 and H-1 support requirements as well as to replace mainframe CASS stations at USMC fixed wing aircraft (EA-6B, F/A-18 and AV-8B) support sites.
  • eCASS – The CASS Modernization Program; will replace the five mainframe CASS configurations (Hybrid, RF, CNI, HP and EO).

Prime Contractors:  Lockheed Martin – Mainframe CASS; Northrop Grumman - CASS Electro-Optic SubSystem; DRS Technologies – CASS High Power Subsystem; Boeing – RTCASS.

Program Status

Acquisition Category: Mainframe CASS/RTCASS – Acquisition Category II; eCASS – Acquisition Category IVM.
Projected Inventory: 553 mainframe CASS stations; 160 RTCASS stations; 382 eCASS stations.
Projected Initial Operational Capabilities date: Mainframe CASS – 1994; RTCASS – 2009; eCASS – 2016.
Projected Full Operational Capabilities date: Mainframe CASS – 1997; RTCASS – 2011; eCASS – 2018.