The LAU-61G/A, Digital Rocket Launcher (DRL) was developed in response to an urgent operational needs statement from the Navy and was introduced to the Fleet through a Rapid Deployment Capability (RDC) project. It increases the combat capability of the U.S. Navy MH-60S by enabling target engagement with 2.75-inch unguided and guided rockets, to include employment of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System (APKWS). DRL's digital interface makes it capable of employing a wider variety of rocket configurations, offering significant flexibility to engage different target sets. Upon completion of testing, DRL allows for sequential and selective single fire; selective and all ripple fire; and rocket-inventory tracking, not available in its legacy predecessor. DRL Early Operational Capability (EOC) on the MH-60S was declared in March 2014 and on the the MH-60R in March 2015.


Length: 76.5 inches
Weight: ~205 lbs
Tubes: 19

1760 Electrical Interface — Aircraft Software Mods required
Launcher Electronic Assembly (LEA) Common with 7 Tube Launcher (LAU-68)