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Meet the people of NAVAIR.

NAVAIR's Flight Crew series highlight our employees and the great things they do in order to support the Sailor and Marine.

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NAVAIR Flight Crew: NAWCAD S4NOOPIE ATR Mobile Spectrum Monitor

Date Uploaded: 13-Apr-2018

Teams at the Atlantic Test Ranges have a new tool in the arsenal, as they track signals that can interrupt Navy flight testing at Patuxent River Naval Air Station and beyond. See how the "S4NOOPIE" van is getting the job done.

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Flight Crew: FRC WESTPAC: Maintaining the Fleet

Date Uploaded: 15-Feb-2018

It's mission maintenance for the artisans at Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific. If you're looking for an unique, hands-on career opportunity, consider joining this high-tempo team dedicated to keeping the fleet "Ready to Fight Tonight."

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Flight Crew: STEM Survivability Challenge

Date Uploaded: 15-Nov-2017

Students work with Pax River engineers and mentors to develop aircraft that survive several challenges.

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Flight Crew: UAS Test Directorate Overview:

Date Uploaded: 26-Oct-2017

Commander Matt Densing talks about activities at the UAS Test Directorate at Webster Field in St Inigoes, MD

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Flight Crew: Data Challenge 2017

Date Uploaded: 24-Oct-2017

The second annual Data Challenge brought out the brightest minds from Navair, as they used data to solve issues within the fleet. This year, the Jacksonville Analysis Group, known as Team JAG, proved the second time’s a charm by winning the contest. Check out this video for more on the Data Challenge.


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Flight Crew: Business Financial Manager of the Year

Date Uploaded: 09-Jan-2017

Denise Mallett, the Naval Air Systems Command Business Financial Manager of the Year and winner of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Individual Achievement Award for Financial Management explains how she created the Common Spend Plan Tool and how it benefits not only the financial community, but everyone at NAVAIR.

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Flight Crew: Manning the Unmanned: A Day in the Life of Triton Operators

Date Uploaded: 08-Sep-2016

Want to learn more about the people behind the Navy's Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance mission? Take a behind the scenes look at how Triton system operators are translating their intelligence surveillance reconnaissance (ISR) expertise as P-8 or P-3 pilots into a huge win for the warfighter -- providing an unblinking eye in the sky for our warfighters.

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Flight Crew: 55 Years of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment

Date Uploaded: 15-Jun-2015

Naval aviation would not be what it is today without aircraft launch and recovery equipment (ALRE) technology. And ALRE would not be what it is today without Modesto Zacharczenko, a NAVAIR employee who dedicated more than 50 years of his life to the field. Now serving as deputy director for Aviation and program executive officer for Aircraft Carriers, "Zach" looks back on the successes and challenges behind the ALRE system and how the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System will change our future fleet.

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Flight Crew: SAIL – Visual Information Dissemination Demonstration

Date Uploaded: 14-May-2015

Increasing situational awareness for the fleet could be as simple as turning on a cell phone.  The Surface Aviation Interoperability Lab at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland is testing 4G technology aimed at providing better visual information to a battle group at sea.

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Flight Crew: USN Test Pilot School leadership

Date Uploaded: 12-Aug-2014

Did you know that the United States Naval Test Pilot School represents every military service as well as about five foreign nationals in each class? Watch as the commanding and executive officers talk about how the school is a melting pot of knowledge and how the rotation in command from Army, Navy and Marine officers benefits the whole USNTPS experience.

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Flight Crew: First Navy Reservist F-35 Flight Instructor

Date Uploaded: 10-Mar-2015

Selected as the first Navy Reservist to be qualified as an F-35 instructor, Elliott "Hemo" Clemence shares his experience as a developmental test pilot with Lockheed Martin and how his civilian career launched him to the forefront of the future fleet.

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Flight Crew: Sean Brennan

Date Uploaded: 10-Feb-2014

Sean Brennan, Chief Engineer for the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and recipient of the 2013 Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Commander's Award, talks about his work with EMALS and the incredible team of people behind the program's success.

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Flight Crew: Atomic Magneto-Optical Trapping Lab

Date Uploaded: 07-Jan-2014

Scientists at Patuxent River, Md. have developed a "cool" new way to navigate without GPS.  Learn more about the precise technology behind freezing atoms and how this basic science can be used to help the warfighter.

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Flight Crew: Chief Aviation Technician, Royal Air Force F-35 Program

Date Uploaded: 30-Sep-2013

A Royal Air Force service member stationed at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., recently received royal recognition. Chief Technician David Briggs was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his work with the F-35 program. He tells us what led to this unique honor and what it was like to meet the Queen of England.

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Flight Crew: NAVAIR civilian turned Reservist serves double duty

Date Uploaded: 10-Jun-2013

Meet Jillian Lewis and hear about her journey from starting as a NAVAIR civilian employee to later joining the NAVAIR Reserve program as an ensign and serving the warfighter in more ways than one.

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Flight Crew: Capt. Colleen Nevius (Ret.)

Date Uploaded: 21-Mar-2013

Retired Capt. Colleen Nevius soared above adversity to become the first female aviator to graduate from United States Naval Test Pilot School. Now 30 years after her graduation, Nevius is proud to see how the role of women has changed in the military.

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Flight Crew: FRC Voyage Repair Team Father's Day feature

Date Uploaded: 13-Jun-2012

For Father's Day, NAVAIR honors generations of service to the fleet by looking at the Fleet Readiness Center Voyage Repair Team where stories of work at the dinner table turned into a shared passion to help the Fleet for two fathers and their sons.

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Flight Crew: Col. Art Tomassetti

Date Uploaded: 23-May-2012

Original Mission X test pilot U.S. Marine Corps Col. Art Tomassetti reflects on the differences between the X-35 and the F-35, and what the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter will bring to Naval aviation.

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Flight Crew: Fire Scout Deployment

Date Uploaded: 13-Feb-2012

A Navy Reservist brings lessons learned to NAVAIR following Fire Scout's first land-based deployment to Afghanistan.

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Flight Crew: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Test Pilot

Date Uploaded: 02-Nov-2011

NAVAIR is deliberately shaping its test pilot force to bring in more junior pilots into new development programs earlier. Here's the story of one of them, who became the first Navy test pilot to perform a catapult launch in an F-35C Joint Strike Fighter. Video footage courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

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Flight Crew: BAMS Mission Control Systems

Date Uploaded: 20-Apr-2011

Jim Dabney, BAMS mission control systems team lead, has been with the BAMS program for six years. Watch the video to hear about his legacy.

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Flight Crew: Dr. El Sayed Arafat

Date Uploaded: 14-Jul-2011

Watch as Dr. El Sayed Arafat, a Navy Top Scientist and Engineer award recipient, describes the environmentally friendly products he developed that improve fleet readiness.

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Flight Crew: Dexter Kan

Date Uploaded: 10-Sep-2010

Watch as Dexter Kan, a Navy Top Scientist and Engineer award recipient, explains a system that he developed, which tests Generator Converter Units on F-18 aircrafts to quickly identify failures.

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Flight Crew: Operational Chemicals

Date Uploaded: 05-May-2010

Follow Paul Roser in the operational industrial chemicals lab in Patuxent River, Md., as he conducts corrosion tests in order to ensure that products used on aircraft are safe for the aircraft, user and environment.

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Flight Crew: Organic Coatings Lab

Date Uploaded: 24-Mar-2010

Watch as Frank Pepe in the organic coatings lab tests primers and top coats used on Navy aircraft.

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Flight Crew: Integrated Diagnostics & Test Systems

Date Uploaded: 08-Feb-2010

Watch as the lead systems engineer for Integrated Diagnostics and Test Systems describes how the tools they are developing help aircraft maintainers support the fleet and Naval aviation maintenance.

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Flight Crew: Structures Lab

Date Uploaded: 11-Jan-2010

Get an inside look at the Structures Lab with Glenn Werczynski, an engineer at Patuxent River, Md., who will show you how they strength, fatigue and failure test aircraft parts.

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Flight Crew: Manned Flight Simulator

Date Uploaded: 08-Feb-2010

Join Steve Naylor, an aerospace engineer at Patuxent River, Md., as he shows you how the manned flight simulator increases flight test efficiency.

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Flight Crew: Prototyping, Test & Manufacturing

Date Uploaded: 08-Feb-2010

Join Glen Henderson, a machinist journeyman at Lakehurst, N.J., as he shows you the prototyping, test and manufacturing of launch and recovery parts for aircraft carriers in the fleet.

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Flight Crew: Fuels and Lubricants Lab

Date Uploaded: 08-Feb-2010

Explore the Fuels and Lubricants lab with analytical chemist Alice Huang.

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Flight Crew: Wind Blast

Date Uploaded: 08-Feb-2010

NAVAIR engineers test a helmet and neck protection device against the wind blast encountered during ejection.

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Flight Crew: Horizontal Accelerator

Date Uploaded: 11-Jan-2010

Learn about the horizontal accelerator through the eyes of engineering technician Tammy Wagner.

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