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NAVAIR's True Heading series introduce you to our leaders who provide insight into command activities.

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True Headings: Message to the Workforce

Date Uploaded: 06-Jun-2018

Vice Admiral Dean Peters, Commander, Naval Air Systems Command shares his vision and top priorities for the organization; the continued focus on speed and readiness and the important role each member of the workforce plays in delivering capability to the fleet.

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True Headings: Message to the Workforce

Date Uploaded: 30-May-2018

Vice Admiral Paul Grosklags' final message to the workforce. Hear what he has to say about Naval Air Systems Command: the innovation, the dedication of its people and the progress made in terms of speed and readiness during his command.

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True Headings: 2017 Recap & Guidance for 2018

Date Uploaded: 23-Jan-2018

New year, new challenge for the Naval Air Systems Command. Vice Admiral Paul Grosklags reflects on the command's contributions to the fleet in 2017 and discusses what needs to be done to better support the warfighter in the future. Hear his goals for the workforce in 2018 and why engagement is the key to mission success.

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True Headings: CNO's Statement on Physiological Episodes

Date Uploaded: 16-May-2017

In this episode of True Headings, CNO Richardson addresses Navy leadership's number one safety priority: physiological episodes in F/A-18 variants and T-45s.

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True Headings: Diversity & Inclusion

Date Uploaded: 21-Mar-2017

NAVAIR Commander, Vice Admiral Paul Grosklags, discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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True Headings: Commander's Intent

Date Uploaded: 02-Mar-2017

Readiness and Speed to Fleet remain top priorities for the Naval Air Systems Command in 2017. Hear what NAVAIR Commander Vice Admiral Paul Grosklags says are the key enablers to success and what's being done across the organization to deliver products faster.

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True Headings: Naval Aviation Readiness

Date Uploaded: 02-Mar-2016

During a recent visit to NAVAIR, Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, Commander, Naval Air Forces; Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet; shared his vision for the future of Naval Aviation. Hear what the Air Boss thinks about our state of fleet readiness, our current challenges and why NAVAIR is vital to warfighter success.

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True Headings: Commander’s Intent, Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags

Date Uploaded: 07-Dec-2015

"I don't believe there is another organization either inside the Navy or external to the Navy that is more important to the future of Naval Aviation than is NAVAIR."  NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. Paul Grosklags, shares his Commanders Intent; learn more about his goals for the command, the challenges we face and what NAVAIR needs to do to better support the fleet.

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True Headings: Farewell message from Vice Adm. David Dunaway

Date Uploaded: 15-Sep-2015

NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway talks about NAVAIR'S accomplishments, the work yet to be done, and what he'll miss most about the command in his farewell message. Dunaway retires Oct. 2 after more than 33 years of Navy service.

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True Headings: Applied Manufacturing

Date Uploaded: 30-Jul-2015

Get an insider look into Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's Applied Manufacturing Technology Division. Established in the late 1940s, the center continues to stand at the forefront of manufacturing technologies by providing the Weapons Division, NAVAIR and the Department of Defense with complete access to robotics, injection molding, 3-D printing and vacuum casting.

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True Headings: AIRWorks

Date Uploaded: 01-Oct-2014

AIRWorks is an exciting new operational concept for the command, and its goal is to foster innovation, create affordable solutions and increase speed while balancing risk. In this video, NAVAIR leaders discuss how AIRWorks will leverage existing capabilities across commands and competencies in order to deliver solutions more rapidly to our programs and fleet customers.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Commander's Guidance (September 2014)

Date Uploaded: 23-Sep-2014

"The purpose of this Commander’s Guidance update is to establish the specific, command-level actions we will take to advance progress toward our long-range strategic priorities – people, integrated warfighting capability, and affordability. These actions will build on lessons learned and progress made by our competencies and commands since my first Commander’s Guidance was published in February 2013." Vice Adm. David Dunaway, Commander, NAVAIR

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True Headings: NAVAIR University

Date Uploaded: 19-Aug-2014

Watch this video to learn how NAVAIR University, established in 2013, gives employees comprehensive, hands-on technical, leadership, and professional training to prepare them for success on the job and throughout their careers.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Commander's Awards 2014

Date Uploaded: 16-Jun-2014

NAVAIR recognized technical, business and leadership excellence at the 14th annual Commander's National Awards June 10 during a ceremony at Patuxent River, Md. Read about the team and individual winners here.

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True Headings: Run. Hide. Fight.

Date Uploaded: 13-May-2014

Watch this video to learn what to do in the event of an active shooter incident. Being prepared can save lives.

"Run. Hide. Fight" video courtesy of Ready Houston.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Rapid Response

Date Uploaded: 29-Apr-2014

In this video, Steve Kern, director of NAVAIR Rapid Response, and Col. Paul Riegert, military director of Rapid Response, discuss the need for speed in today's environment, and how NAVAIR's Rapid Response team can help programs deliver capability faster to the fleet.

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True Headings: NAVAIR's Long-Range Strategy

Date Uploaded: 14-Nov-2013

Long-Range Strategy video

In this video, NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway and NAVAIR Deputy Commander Garry Newton describe three enduring priorities that will enable NAVAIR's long-term relevance and success:  people, integrated warfighting capabilities and affordability.

"Long-range strategies beg to be launched in times of uncertainty," Dunaway said. "This is the time, more than any other time, that a long-range strategy is necessary. Our three strategic priorities are equally important and interdependent. They serve as guideposts for our decisions and investments, now and in the future."

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True Headings: NAWCAD Energy Strategy

Date Uploaded: 21-Oct-2013

NAVAIR is committed to creating and utilizing clean energy solutions to enhance mission capabilities. Watch Rear Adm. Mark Darrah, NAWCAD commander, and Gary Kessler, NAWCAD executive director, address how the workforce can evaluate daily habits to find ways to reduce water and energy consumption within our facilities.


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True Headings: 35 Years of the Hornet, Vice Adm. David Dunaway

Date Uploaded: 25-Jun-2013

On the 35th anniversary of the Hornet's first flight, NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway reflects on his time in the cockpit of the legacy aircraft.

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True Headings: Sequestration Update (5 June)

Date Uploaded: 05-Jun-2013

In this video, Garry Newton, NAVAIR deputy commander, provides an update on budget status for the remainder of fiscal year 2013; addresses questions on civilian furlough planning and industry impacts; and describes key dates and activities in the upcoming weeks and months.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Integrated Warfighting Capabilities Enterprise Team

Date Uploaded: 16-May-2013

Watch as NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway and NAVAIR leaders discuss the command's strategy for creating Integrated Warfighting Capabilities (IWC), including the stand-up of the NAVAIR IWC Enterprise Team. With representatives from engineering, test and evaluation, and logistics, this team will help integrate our many "independent" pockets of great work across competencies and programs into a common environment. The team will also provide up-front analysis to support both programs of record and Rapid Response/Irregular Warfare efforts in selecting the best mix of material and non-material solutions to address mission-level kill chain gaps.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Sequestration Update (7 March)

Date Uploaded: 07-Mar-2013

In this video, NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway and Deputy Commander Garry Newton explain NAVAIR's sequestration planning process and actions that may be necessary to achieve savings required by the potential year-long continuing resolution and sequestration.

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True Headings: NAVAIR Commander's Guidance

Date Uploaded: 07-Feb-2013

NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway debuts the Commander's Guidance, an action plan that expands on the Commander's Intent and puts individual actions and measures to three focus areas:  speed to the fleet; integration and interoperability; and affordability. Watch the video to learn about the Guidance and its primary purpose -- to align all levels of leadership behind a common set of actions and outcomes that will strengthen our ability to execute our mission.

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True Headings: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Date Uploaded: 17-Dec-2012

Suicide is on the rise in our society and the effects are devastating - on families, friends and communities. Learn how you can help others by watching this video blog on Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

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True Headings: Integrated Warfighting Capabilities

Date Uploaded: 28-Nov-2012

One of COMNAVAIR's three focus areas is "Consistently Delivering Integrated Warfighting Capabilities." This video blog describes efforts underway across the NAVAIR team to ensure platforms and systems can operate effectively within a "system of systems" to deliver warfighting effects.

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True Headings: Energy Policy VADM Dunaway (Fall 2012)

Date Uploaded: 06-Nov-2012

Tune in as NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Dunaway shares NAVAIR's role in energy conservation and efficiency, and introduces our NAVAIR Energy Strategy pillar leads and their energy goals.

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True Headings: Commander's Intent VADM Dunaway (Fall 2012)

Date Uploaded: 24-Sep-2012

In his first video blog, Vice Adm. David Dunaway, NAVAIR commander, introduces his Commander's Intent and describes the three focus areas that will help us deliver results in the areas that matter most to our warfighters.

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