NAVAIR's Airwaves series highlight events and stories happening within the command.

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Airwaves: 5 September 2018

Date Uploaded: 05-Sep-2018

On this edition of Airwaves, a change at the helm at several NAVAIR sites, plus, Marines take delivery of the most powerful helicopter ever made, and a look at the new seat designed to increase endurance for Sailors and Marines on long flights.

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Airwaves: 2017 Year In Review

Date Uploaded: 15-Feb-2018

A look at highlights across the Naval Air Systems Command in 2017.

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AIRWaves: 2016 Year In Review

Date Uploaded: 09-Feb-2017

In this "Year in Review" edition of Airwaves, we look back at some of the Naval Air Systems Command's major 2016 accomplishments. From new aircraft and weapons systems to game-changing technologies, see what the NAVAIR workforce is doing to improve readiness and speed products to the fleet.

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Airwaves:11 October 2016

Date Uploaded: 27-Oct-2016

On this edition of AIRWaves, the Naval Air Systems Command flies into the future on printed parts; plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the crew of the MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft; and see the final at-sea developmental trials of the F-35C Lighting II.

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Airwaves: 30 Mar 2016

Date Uploaded: 30-Mar-2016

On this edition of Airwaves, in the fast lane to flight hours, the F-35 Lighting Two program marks a major milestone. Plus, the common solution helping controllers operate multiple unmanned vehicles during a mission. And, saying good-bye to the flying frying pan; Fleet Readiness Center Southeast fixes its final EA-6B.

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Airwaves: 2015 Year in Review

Date Uploaded: 05-Jan-2016

2015 marked another milestone year for Naval Air Systems Command. In this year-in-review edition of Airwaves, see the fleet's newest aircraft launch and recovery system; plus, learn about the new tool helping Sailors and Marines get broken aircraft off the flight line faster; and see the F-35C Lightning II make history landing on a carrier at sea.

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Airwaves: 2014 Year in Review

Date Uploaded: 08-Jan-2015

From carrier landing firsts to technological innovations to unmanned aviation milestones, check out NAVAIR's 2014 year in review!

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Airwaves: 3 April 2014

Date Uploaded: 03-Apr-2014

On this edition of Airwaves, thumbs up to the P-8A as the Navy's newest maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft is approved for full rate production. Plus, it's a lesson in funology; Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division scientists and engineers host a learning carnival to encourage young students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. And, if you think you're seeing double, you are; two F-35B aircraft fly in formation over Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.

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Airwaves: 11 December 2013

Date Uploaded: 11-Dec-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, scientists explore a new way to navigate without using GPS; plus, the "World's Fastest Man" returns to Patuxent River, Md., to tour MZ-3A, the Navy's only airship; and get an exciting look at the future of the fleet as both X-47B unmanned aircraft get underway with USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

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Airwaves: 7 October 2013

Date Uploaded: 07-Oct-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, the Surface Aviation Interoperability Lab flips the switch on saving energy; plus, two fire scouts return to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md. following the aircraft's first deployment to Afghanistan. Also, the Queen of England honors a member of the F-35 integrated test team.

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Airwaves: 8 August 2013

Date Uploaded: 08-Aug-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, watch how the V-22 Osprey aids Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, learn about small antenna solutions that protect unmanned air vehicles, watch the X-47 wrap up sea testing with a historic landing aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), and congratulate the winners of this year's NAVAIR Commander's National Awards.

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Airwaves: 9 July 2013

Date Uploaded: 09-Jul-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, weather watchers keep their eyes to the sky to ensure aircrew safety during tests; plus, a "magic carpet" makes carrier landings safer for pilots; and the Navy's newest unmanned air vehicle flies high above Palmdale, Calif., during its first flight.

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Airwaves: 13 May 2013

Date Uploaded: 13-May-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, watch the Search & Rescue team undergo cold-water training, learn how the Manned Flight Simulator is helping aircrew identify symptoms of hypoxia, and hear about the benefits of riding a bike to work.

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Airwaves: 28 March 2013

Date Uploaded: 28-Mar-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstrator (UCAS-D) soars through major testing milestones on its way to being carrier ready. Plus, a GPS anti-jam system used on ships and large aircraft finds its way onto Fire Scout. Lastly, middle school students launch into learning at this year's Expand Your Horizons event at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, Calif.

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Airwaves: 6 March 2013

Date Uploaded: 06-Mar-2013

On this edition of Airwaves, watch Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert reflect on his first Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division visit and find out who was selected as the 2012 NAVAIR Sailor of the Year. Also, watch a recap of NAVAIR Deputy Commander Garry Newton's discussions with NAVAIR industry partners.

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Airwaves: 24 Jan 2013

Date Uploaded: 24-Jan-2013

On this year-end edition of Airwaves, it's full steam ahead for the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) demonstrator as the aircraft catapults for the first time. Plus, K-MAX takes the load off troops overseas, and the Navy welcomes a fresh set of eyes to the skies as the P-8A Poseidon officially joins the fleet.

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Airwaves: 13 Dec 2012

Date Uploaded: 13-Dec-2012

On this edition of Airwaves, watch as X-47B soars into naval aviation history. The unmanned combat air system (UCAS) demonstrator completed its first steam catapult launch at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md. Plus, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) hoisted aboard a second X-47B aircraft signaling the start of carrier-based testing. Also, NAWCAD celebrated workforce achievements at this year's NAWCAD Commander Awards.

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Airwaves: 26 Nov 2012

Date Uploaded: 26-Nov-2012

On this edition of Airwaves, NAVAIR kicks off a new energy conservation plan designed to improve warfighter capability; plus, a virtual flight training system readies pilots for the fleet and a new restraint system keeps aircrew safe and mission ready.

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Airwaves: 9 Oct 2012

Date Uploaded: 19-Oct-2012

In this edition of Airwaves, watch as Vice Adm. David Dunaway assumes command of NAVAIR and lays out his plans for the future. Plus, a unique helicopter pulls up pier side to help Sailors get underway, and Fire Scout Reservists bring back lessons learned from Afghanistan.

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Airwaves: 28 August 2012

Date Uploaded: 30-Aug-2012

On this edition of Airwaves, the first flight of X-47B at Patuxent River; plus, students launch into learning at China Lake's summer science camp and take a look at the Navy's new tools improving Aircraft Maintenance.

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Airwaves: 11 July 2012

Date Uploaded: 11-Jul-2012

On this edition of Airwaves:  the Navy unveils its newest maritime and reconnaissance aircraft; plus, a futuristic face-off for students at Webster Field in St. Inigoes, Md., and Fleet Readiness Center Southwest's Voyage Repair Team works to get USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) underway.

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Airwaves: 17 May 2012

Date Uploaded: 17-May-2012

On this edition of Airwaves: a look at the past, present and future of the Joint Strike Fighter as experienced by one of the original program test pilots. Plus, the P-8A Poseidon's official rollout, and NAVAIR engineers showcase the current capabilities of several human systems labs.

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Airwaves: 10 April 2012

Date Uploaded: 11-Apr-2012

In this edition of Airwaves, we're building the future workforce of NAVAIR. Find out what's being done to help veterans find work, and watch how young students "expand their horizons" with NAWCWD scientists and engineers.

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Airwaves: 1 March 2012

Date Uploaded: 01-Mar-2012

Watch this episode of Airwaves featuring X-47B's official transition to Patuxent River, Md., P-8 Poseidon's first operational fleet exercise, and NAVAIR Commander Vice Adm. David Architzel's visit to Point Mugu and China Lake, Calif.

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Airwaves: 2011 Year in Review

Date Uploaded: 11-Jan-2012

Watch Airwaves Year in Review to see the top NAVAIR video stories from 2011!


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Airwaves: 8 November 2011

Date Uploaded: 08-Dec-2011

On this edition of Airwaves, the first launch of the F-35 carrier variant from EMALS; the AH-1Z deploys with its sister aircraft for the first time and a look inside historic Hangar 1 home to Navy Airships.

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Airwaves: 27 Oct 2011

Date Uploaded: 01-Nov-2011

In this edition of Airwaves, the F-35B makes its first landing on a ship at sea. An unmanned vehicle is the final aircraft to fly using a biofuel blend. Plus, NAVAIR leadership works to increase efficiency across the Command.

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Airwaves: 29 Sept 2011

Date Uploaded: 01-Nov-2011

In this edition of Airwaves, the NAVAIR Cargo & Special Operations team takes the load off the fleet; plus, NAWCWD science camp keeps kids busy during the summer and we take a look at the latest aircraft to fly using a biofuel blend.

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Airwaves: 18 August 2011

Date Uploaded: 18-Aug-2011

In this edition of Airwaves, the Marine Corps demonstrates the capabilities of the F-35B, the Jet Blast Deflector at Lakehurst ensures safety on the flight deck, a new robot gives a helping hand to engineers at China Lake and the first operational Growler squadron returns safely from deployment.

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Airwaves: 19 July 2011

Date Uploaded: 19-Jul-2011

Watch this edition of Airwaves to see how firefighters train to control aircraft fires, plus watch an overview of the 2011 NAVAIR Commander's Awards, the arrival of the KMAX unmanned cargo aircraft system as it enters testing and find out why an airship is being used to test NAVAIR systems.

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Airwaves: 27 June 2011

Date Uploaded: 27-Jun-2011

Tune in to this edition of Airwaves for the first flight of the MH-60 Seahawk using an algae biofuel blend; an insightful NAVAIR Meet the Fleet event with the crew of the USS Lincoln Strike Group; and a look at the special programs educating students and challenging the engineers of NAVAIR.

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Airwaves: 31 May 2011

Date Uploaded: 31-May-2011

Watch the premiere episode of Airwaves to view the top stories within the NAVAIR command. Stories include the F/A-18 surrogate landing with X-47B software, the AH-1Z attack helicopter reaching full-rate production and an interview with Senator John Glenn who discusses his time as a test pilot! 

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